Important Child Care Center Dates


Dates of Importance & Rates for 2022-23 School Year

Our Center will make every effort to remain open in the event that Hartland Schools finds it necessary to close due to inclement weather or building difficulties. 

Notification will be posted on the Hartland Schools, Hartland Community Ed website and the Hartland Community Ed Facebook page.   

In addition, the center will be OPEN on the following days when there is a *No School day for HCS.

Fri,  Oct. 21   *No School                Fall Break

Fri,  Dec. 22   *No School               Winter Break

Mon, 1/16   *No School                 MLK Day

Fri, 2/10 & Mon, 2/13 *No School   Mid Winter Break

Mon - Fri, 3/27 - 3/31   *No School   Spring Break

*Based on demand for services on days that we have *No School, (For HCS children who attend Lakes Before and After school program) will need to attend at the Hartland Childcare Center on School Street. 

Our Childcare Center will be CLOSED on the following dates:

Mon. Sept. 2 & 5      Labor Day                                  

Wed. to Fri. Nov. 23 – Nov. 25 Thanksgiving Break                              

Thurs. to Fri. Dec 23 – Jan 2   Christmas Break                                                        

Fri. April 7               Good Friday                                                        

Mon. May 29     Memorial Day                 

Daycare Rates (not potty trained)   $62.00 daily / $295.00/week if full time

Daycare Rates (potty trained)        $52.00 daily / $247.00/week if full time

A $50.00 yearly registration fee will be charged, per child, for all programs.

For Full Time Infant and Daycare only, there is a 2nd child discount.  The discount of 10% is applied to the child who has the lesser amount of tuition.  On days when the center is closed, and/or vacation days are taken, and the attendance is less than 5 days, the discount does not apply and the charge will be by the daily rate.

Before & After School Childcare Only

Full Time enrollment (4-19 sessions a week) is $12.00 a session

Part Time enrollment (1-3 sessions a week) is $16.00 a session

The minimum enrollment is 2 sessions a week for a charge of $32.00 for the week

Example- A student needs to attend 5 –AM sessions and 1 –P.M. session.  The charge would be $60.00 for the A.M. and $16.00 for the P.M. session, for a total charge for the week of $76.00

In order to attend on the No School you must be signed up and paying for a minimum of 2 days.  You must notify the office if your child/children will be absent from the Before & After School Program.  Your regular weekly tuition will be charged unless the Center is Closed.  If your Before & After School child attends on a No School Day, Snow Day, etc., your tuition for the day will be $52.00.

On No School Days, Snow Days, ½ day, tuition rate will be $52.00 per day if your child attends.

For Questions: Childcare Center (810) 626-2780