LEGACY/ Hartland Virtual Academy

We believe that all students can learn the value of an education that is best gained through the actual experience.










What is LEGACY?

LEGACY has been in existence for more than 30 years. The program’s primary focus, demonstrated by its acronym Let’s Educate, Graduate and Care for our Youth, remains constant in this ever changing educational environment.

LEGACY offers students an alternative method for earning their high school diplomas. Class sizes are small, with a 20 to 1 student/teacher ratio. Teachers are able to meet students individual academic needs.

Core academics are enhanced by instruction and support of other key areas including: healthy choices, parenting, substance abuse awareness and career planning.

The program boasts on-site counseling, group support, academic tutoring and planning for successful futures.

Who attends LEGACY?

Students who attend LEGACY care about their education. They work hard at academics and choose to get involved in their school community and community-at-large. Some of the students are looking for a second chance or a different way to learn.

When are classes?

Students attends classes daily, on a reduced-hour schedule following a traditional school calendar. Time away from the classroom allows for greater involvement in career planning, work experience and community volunteerism.

Online classes provide non-traditional course options while still earning high school credit. 


A focus on the future?

Students are encouraged to identify their strengths and interests. Educational Development Plans, career transition programs, school-to-work opportunities, work credit programs and career technical training complement a rigorous academic curriculum. 

An individual approach?

LEGACY students represent a diverse community of learners. Curriculum is tailored to meet individual student needs. On-site tutoring is available and encouraged.

A community emphasis?

Community involvement and leadership begins with our youth. Students are involved in community initiatives that benefit organizations such as: LACASA, Humane Society, local food banks and The Connection, a youth homeless shelter.

How is LEGACY different?

LEGACY has implemented the same rigorous standards mandated for Michigan’s traditional high schools. Our curriculum reflects not only the added rigor, but also an added emphasis on literacy.

Instruction is provided in small group settings by teachers who are highly qualified and certified in all academic areas.

Expanded course offerings feature instruction in areas of fine arts, physical education, health, and computer applications. Each is presented in a real-life, hands on approach promoting greater learning.

Well-rounded experiences include creation of a student leadership committee, green school activities, student council, a scholarship committee, environmentally-based clubs, community involvement, co-ed sports, school-to-work opportunities and preparation for higher education. Students may also participate in the HCS athletic program while at LEGACY.

Need more information?

Please call the Legacy Office at 810.626.2104 if you wish to have your child considered for an in-take interview.