Community Life Guidelines and Advertising Rates and Information


Community Life Newsletter Guidelines


DEADLINES: Advertisements may be e-mailed, but must be submitted by the designated monthly deadlines.

All changes to current ads need to be emailed or delivered to the editor the first week of the month. Changes made after the first week of the month cannot be guaranteed until the following month's issue. Prepayment is required.


We can not honor requests for specific advertisement placement in the paper.

Background Information-

The Community Life newsletter was first published in Hartland in 1933 by  the Hartland Area Project. John Robert Crouse, Sr. was the founder of the Hartland Area Project which was a social experiment designed to bring ''creative and constructive social and educational influences" to the rural Hartland area.

The purpose of the Community Life was to provide area residents with a vehicle for communicating news. Through the years the purpose has remained much the same. Changes have occurred, however, in the design, frequency of publication and financial support of the newsletter.

Community Life is now published monthly. It is financed through revenues from the Heartland Foundation, donations, advertising and the Hartland Consolidated Schools. Editing, layout, proofreading, editing and mailing of the newsletter is handled by the Hartland Consolidated Schools. Typesetting, ad composition and printing are contracted.

 Governing Body-

The publishing of Community Life is sponsored by Hartland Consolidated Schools. The superintendent of the Hartland Consolidated Schools is, in the unique role as chair of the local Heartland Foundation Board and chief administrator of the school district, responsible for dealing with matters of policy for Community Life.

The editor of Community Life, an employee of the Hartland Consolidated Schools' Community Education Department, shall make recommendations and confer with the superintendent and director of Community Education on matters of newsletter policy. This shall include such items as advertising rates and policy, editorial policy, letters to the editor, budget, etc.

Objectives of Community Life-

The Community Life endeavors to:

  • Provide a regular means of educational and informational communication for the citizens of the Hartland area.
  •  Promote social, educational and service ideals, reflecting the ideals and purposes of the Hartland Area Project.
  •  Present news of local events and programs fairly and accurately.
  •  Provide area citizens with the opportunity to express their concerns on community needs or projects.
  •  Serve as an historical document to maintain a record of events in the Hartland area.
  •  Strengthen cooperation among the residents of the Hartland community through understanding of each other's problems and affairs of the community.

Information Considered for Publication-

 The following list includes the type of information that is considered for publication in the Community Life:

Announcements of forthcoming community events or programs for Hartland Consolidated Schools, public

  • Reports or summaries of events which have occurred as described in #1 above.
  • Photographs and artwork related to #1 above. 
  • Articles and photos from local individuals, clubs or organizations that do not compete with services or programs of Hartland Consolidated Schools and Hartland Community Education.
  • Letters to the Editor from readers in which they express their concerns on local community needs or projects. 

Advertising-­All advertisements MUST BE PREPAID

Paid advertising space is provided in the Community Life for local businesses, organizations, and individuals to publicize their services, programs, and fundraisers, etc. that do not compete with Hartland Consolidated Schools and Hartland Community Education. 

Any article that promotes a fundraiser, event or registration and lists ticket prices, fees or dues, and the sponsoring organization or group, are considered an advertisement and must be prepaid.

Political advertisements:

Advertisements which support or endorse a specific political candidate, issue or organization will be  accepted for publication as long as they conform to set guidelines: 

 The ad must be clearly stated, free of libelous or slanderous information and must conform to the editorial policy, and geographic and space limitations of the newsletter.

  • Such ads must be paid in advance by check only from the committee depository where campaign funds are kept for the candidate, issue or organization.
  •  Each ad must include a reference to the particular candidate, issue or organization paying for the ad, with the name and address of the committee.
  • Example: “This advertisement paid for by Jones for Mayor Committee, 100 N Main Street, Hartland MI 48353.” 
  • A telephone number for a contact person must also be submitted with the advertisement.
  • Requests for placement of the advertisement cannot be honored.
  • Political ads may not be placed in the classified ad section, school news section or the business directory page.
  • Political ads must be submitted directly to the editor. All political ads MUST BE PREPAID.

Current rates for Advertising are as follows:

Display advertisements are designed in a vertical or horizontal format 

AD SIZE                     BASE PRICE             w spot color       FULL Color               FORMAT SIZE        

 Full Page                     $375                           $400               $425                      10” x 12”

1/2 Page                       $185                           $200                $215                           10” x 6”

1/4 Page                       $100                           $110              $120                        5” x 6 ¼”

1/8 Page                       $  60                            $ 65               $70                          3 ¼  x 4 ¾”

1/16 Page                     $  40                            $ 45               $50                            Business card size

Business Directory*       $275                            $325               $350                             

*The rate for Business Directory page is for one year with the stipulation that the advertisement must remain the same for all 10 issues. Changes may be made at time of renewal.                      

Photos, artwork, and logos should be submitted to the editor and must be of a good reproduction quality. If we do the typesetting, there may be an additional $10 fee added to the base price of the advertisement size purchased.

Before an advertisement is placed or published,the advertiser must PRE PAY using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover), check or cash. All payments must be received and processed on the deadline date (see schedule)

 Letters to the Editor:

 The Community Life accepts "Letters to the Editor" from its readers on issues of concern to the Hartland area community. These letters must conform to the following guidelines:

  • They must be submitted by   the designated monthly deadline. 
  • An original signed letter must be submitted and will be kept on file. 
  • No email letters will be accepted. 
  • They should be no longer than 300 words in length, typewritten and double-spaced. The editor/publisher reserves the right for letters to be edited for clarification, libel, space restrictions and for appropriateness for the purposes and objectives of the Community Life. 
  • Letters shall be printed on a page of the newsletter designated for editorials. 
  • The "Letter to the Editor" column is provided as a community service. Opinions expressed do not reflect the views of the Community Life editor or publisher.     
  • Items submitted as articles that would be more appropriately printed as "Letters to the Editor" may be printed as a letter at the discretion of the editor. 
  • No letters regarding an election ballot proposal will be published in the newsletter edition immediately preceding the election. 
  • Questions of letters conforming to the purposes of Community Life will be referred by  the editor to the superintendent/chair of the Hartland Consolidated Schools and local Heartland Foundation for a final decision on the printing of the letter. 



CL Guideline
revised 1/1/2015