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Our fitness program continues to grow because we listen to your suggestions and work to provide our patrons with the types of workouts they want.


We offer fitness classes in the daytime and at night. 


Cardio Variety

Total body workout combining cardio, intervals, resistance, power, plymetrics, strength training, core work and more! Great music, lot of energy! Bring a mat and water.

Pilates w/Ball

Using the methods of Pilates and fused together with basic Yoga moves and adding in the stability ball and bands, this class is a must to add to your weekly workout schedule. This workout is a non-impact "working" stretch, which targets the "core body" to help lengthen, strengthen and add more flexibility to your body. Please bring a mat and towel to class.

Cardio Circuit

Pace yourself or go the limit in this ultimate circuit workout suitable for all fitness levels. Moving from station to station you will work the entire body using a variety of equipment that will never leave you bored.

Cardio Core
This is a low-impact class that combines the best of a great blend of workout types. Using the influence of Aerobics, Kickboxing and Pilates, you will be able to get your heart rate going to burn those calories, and really tone, strengthen and stretch all the muscles of the body. From beginner to advanced, this workout will challenge your body and achieve your fitness goals. Bring a mat to classand wear tennis shoes- other equipment (ball, bands, weights, etc.) will be provided if used.



This class takes the influences of both Yoga and Pilates and combines them to tone, strengthen and lengthen all the muscles in your body. Using your own body, hand held weights, and stretch bands, you will hold and transition through positions to achieve your goal of a strong body! This is a great complement to your cardio workouts! Bring a mat to class.